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About Marble Hill, MO - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Situated in Bollinger County, Southeast Missouri of the US, Marble Hill is a beautiful fourth-class city with a total population of 1,477. It is a part of the Cape Girardeau-Jackson and labeled as the largest city in Bollinger. Known for its great educational standards, gorgeous sightseeing locations, and remarkable year-round weather, the city is growing each day becoming a nice spot for families and individuals to start a good life.

In 1842, the area that was eventually to be known as “Marble Hill” was established as “New California”. It was renamed to “Dallas” nine years later. As the area began to populate and construction of homes, offices, and commercial properties started, the name of the town was changed again. In 1868, the area previously known as “Dallas” became Marble Hill (name inspired and taken after a marble-like rock) to avoid confusion with the existing Dallas County.

The city’s first Baptist Church was built in 1865 (which still exists) and in 1880; the Will Mayfield College was shifted from Smithville to Marble Hill. Fast-forwarding to the 90s, Marble Hill grew immensely even creating its own transportation network and airport (known as Twin City Airport). It was during this time, it was suggested that Lutesville (another city in Missouri) should be merged with Marble Hill.

Since the city of Lutesville became the main shipping and business center of the area, it merged with Marble Hill (as it was already in the current county seat), without changing the area’s name again. As of today, Marble Hill has developed into an amazing place, as it perfectly combines big city-like amenities with that traditional small town charm. Education is taken quite serious and out of the 25 years of age and older, 4.1$ hold a professional/post-graduate degree, 64.3% possess a high school diploma, and 8.9% have a bachelors degree.

There are also many parks and sightseeing locations spread across the city, which gives residents and tourists alike, the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities with their family and friends. In terms of climate and weather, the city receives 48 inches of rainfall per year. Installing an air conditioning system is critical to your home’s air quality and overall comfort, as temperatures peak at 88 degrees in the summer months. It is also advised that you get a heat pump for the winters, as the temperature peaks at 22 to 26 degrees – making it quite difficult to survive.