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About Chaffee, MO - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Situated in Scott County, Missouri, Chaffee is a small city with an estimated population of more than 3,000 residents. Known for its low crime rate, wonderful schools, several parks and one of the few remaining operational aboveground pools, the city is growing steadily with each passion day and this has led to a massive increase in the need for additional housing. 

In 1905, the Chaffee Real Estate Company purchased 1,800 acres of land from John Witt, a local farmer of Sikeston.  After some time, the ownership of 150 acres was transferred to the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway, who established a rail-switching yard and started surveying the region to erect a town for their employees.

Public notice was given for the sale of lots for the soon to be city of Chaffee to local businesses and individuals, and by 1905 the land was cleared for construction.  On August 6, 1906, a petition was filed by the residents of the new town to incorporate the area as the fourth-class city of Chaffee, but it wasn’t until December 8, 1909 that the petition was granted.

For years, much of the town’s economy was focused on textile manufacturing, due to the large amounts of cotton produced by the farmers and the close proximity to the Mississippi River. However, during there was a brief period during the late 90s and early 2000s when factory closings devastated the economy.

As of today, Chaffee is great place to call home as it offers a small town charm and big city-like amenities. It has one of the lowest crime rates, with as many as 5 violent crimes reported by the FBI in 2003. The Chaffee RII School District serves the students of the city, while the Saint Francis Medical Center and Southeast Hospital provide medical care facilities. There are also many parks located in the city, which gives residents the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities with their family and friends.

The city receives 49 inches of rainfall and 11 inches of snowfall per year. With the average high in the summer months around 89 degrees, installing an air conditioning system is crucial to your home’s overall comfort and air quality. Moreover, as the mercy drops as low as 24 in the winter months, it’s highly recommended that you have heat pump so that you can keep your home at a bearable temperature.